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Morocco offers tourists many opportunities for sightseeing and cultural exploration


Different transfers within Morocco

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Morocco has three different regions.

The northern coast along the Mediterranean Sea is made up of fertile land that rises to elevations of about 8,000 feet (2,400 meters).

The Atlas Mountains run between the Atlantic coasts in the southwest to the Mediterranean Sea in the northeast.

Finally, the semiarid area in the south and east known as the Western Sahara connects Morocco with the vast African Sahara Desert.

It has an amazing and incredible trekking destination from all over the world which offers you many and many trekking sights that we are proud to offer you the chance to experience.


The Anti-Atlas is a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where the contrasts are extreme. Most of the land is dry and barren, but water gathers and runs in some remote places, forming clear basins. Villages in the area are limited to a few small houses surrounded by palm trees.

The easternmost points of the anti-Atlas are the Djebel Sarhro Mountains and its eastern boundary is set by sections of the High Atlas range.


The Middle Atlas is a portion of the Atlas mountain range lying in Morocco completely Call. The Middle Atlas is the westernmost of three Atlas Mountains chains that define a wide plateaued basin extending eastward into Algeria. South of the Middle Atlas and separated by the Moulouya and Oum Er-Rbia rivers, the High Atlas stretches for 700 km (430 mi) with a succession of peaks Among All which ten reach above 4,000 meters (13,000 ft). North of the Middle Atlas and separated by the Sebu River, the Rif mountains are an extension of the Cordillera Baetic (Baetic mountains, All which include the Sierra Nevada) in the south of Spain.

Morocco Henna tattoes

Moroccan Henna is a popular tradition in Morocco worn by women of all ages. During special occasions such as Moroccan weddings, holidays and circumcisions, women get henna on their hands and feet. It’s a temporary design applied to your skin in a brownish paste made from powder. Many women also apply henna to their entire body and/or hair in the hammam once a week. It has a distinguished smell and needs to be left on the skin to dry for several hours to achieve darker, longer lasting results. Sometimes, black henna is used, but it can be dangerous so stick to the regular henna for safety.
In Marrakesh, plenty of women will call out to you with books full of their designs in Jemma El Fna square.
In Agadir, henna artists can be found along Agadir Beach. All the same rules apply! Talented henna artists cannot be missed in most Moroccan cities and towns.
In Rabat, you can find a woman ready and willing to create elaborate designs for you near the Mausoleum as well as at the Garden of the Old Fortress near Oudaya. She is usually waiting for willing participants and will ask you if you’re interested in henna. She’ll create the flowers and vines with a syringe and work very quickly. But, negotiate the price with her before she begins. Once she starts it’s hard to negotiate, and you don’t want to walk away with half a design. The truth is if you wipe it off right away, it probably won’t leave a mark. It will help you avoid an uncomfortable situation though! Don’t undercut her, but don’t take the initial price she says either. Meeting her in the middle of what she is asking is probably fair. Remember, she is quite sure you are a tourist if you aren’t speaking Arabic nor have blond hair and blue eyes, so she will automatically give you a higher price to start.
Once the artist is done, allow the henna to dry for several hours, as long as you can stand it. If possible, don’t shower or wash the parts of your body that have the henna either. Then, it should last a week or more.

The World of Moroccan Cuisine

Morocco, unlike most other African countries, produces all the food it needs to feed its people. Its many home-grown fruits and vegetables include oranges, melons, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and potatoes. Five more native products that are especially important in Moroccan cooking are lemons, olives, figs, dates, and almonds. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the country is rich in fish and seafood. Beef is not plentiful, so meals are usually built around lamb or poultry.
Flat, round Moroccan bread is eaten at every meal. The Moroccan national dish is the tajine, a lamb or poultry stew. Other common ingredients may include almonds, hard-boiled eggs, prunes, lemons, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The tajine, like other Moroccan dishes, is known for its distinctive flavoring, which comes from spices including saffron, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, and ground red pepper. The tajines name is taken from the distinctive earthenware dish with a cone-shaped top in which it is cooked and served. Another Moroccan dietary staple is couscous, made from fine grains of a wheat product called semolina. It is served many different ways, with vegetables, meat, or seafood.
Sweets play a very important role in the Moroccan diet. Every household has a supply of homemade sweet desserts made from almonds, honey, and other ingredients. Mint tea is served with every meal in Morocco. It is sweetened while it is still in the pot.
Moroccans eat their meals at low round tables, sitting on cushions on the floor. They eat with their hands instead of silverware, using the thumb and first two fingers of their right hands. They also use pieces of bread to soak up sauces and carry food to the mouth. Small warmed, damp towels are passed around before the meal to make sure everyone’s hands are clean. Most meals consist of a single main dish, often a stew, a couscous dish, or a hearty soup. It is served with bread, salad, cold vegetables, and couscous or rice on the side. A typical breakfast might include bissara (dried fava beans stewed with cumin and paprika), beghrir (pancakes), and bread. Two breakfast favorites that may sound exotic to Westerners are lambs heads and calves feet.
Although Moroccans love sweets, they are usually saved for special occasions. With everyday meals, the most common dessert is fresh fruit.
The sweetened mint tea that comes with every meal is served a special way. It is brewed in a silver teapot and served in small glasses. When the tea is poured, the pot is held high above the glasses to let air mix with the tea. Tea is served not only at home but also in public places. In stores, merchants often offer tea to their customers.
Morocco is famous for the wide range of delicious foods sold by its many street vendors. These include soup, shish kebab, roasted chickpeas, and salads. Both full meals and light snacks are sold. A favorite purchase is sugared doughnuts tied together on a string to carry home.

Sandboarding In Morocco

Travel To Morocco has the pleasure to welcome you into a fun and great experience which will take place throughout some of the most breathtaking dunes and Desert spots of our beautiful Morocco.

Morocco has a wide variety of desert areas, but only one spot really stands out for sand boarding in Morocco, and that is Erg Chebbi. Located a few Km outside the desert village of Merzouga, Erg Chebbi is a massive dune of the Moroccan desert.

Sand boarding in Morocco or Dune surfing has been a popular pastime for Nomad and desert children in Morocco for many years. 

Thinking back to their childhood, the adults will tell you that they used to use a wide range of self made materials to do Sand boarding at Erg Chebbi. 

For all the sand boarders wishing to visit our country, we would like to mention for you that this tour could be customized to your own liking and tastes.